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John Wright (Cole Hauser) seemed to be unstoppable. He was the powerful star of his high school wrestling team. A promising Olympian. However, one terrible decision shattered his dreams.

No longer the smalltown hero, John returns home to Garfield, WA following his mother’s death. His family farm is facing foreclosure. It’s been twenty years and his former friends and neighbors still haven't forgiven him. Despite their cold reception, John becomes the coach of his former high school’s wrestling team.There he meets a talented underdog named Michael Miller with his own set of challenges: a troubled home life and a ruthless rival who has it out for him both on and off the mat. He definitely could use an ally.

John’s principles of right and wrong are again tested as a wrestling coach. Will he ever redeem himself from his past and present mistakes?

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The Last Champion

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Viewers across the board agree The Last Champion is a great movie to watch with the entire family.

The struggles in this film are raw and real. We all have faced loss and suffering. Life can be a tough opponent.

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This family movie provides many life lessons that viewers of all ages can reflect on: the difference between right and wrong in our day-to-day decisions. Our mistakes may lead to dark days but as The Last Champion reveals, there is light - if only we will have the faith to let it in.

Searching for a positive message in the midst of uncertain times? Ready to bond during family movie night? This family movie will leave you optimistic and hopeful about the future. Get your DVD today and feel motivated!

Want to Watch an Inspiring Family Movie?

Order The Last Champion Movie On Blu-Ray

The Last Champion

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New Wrestling Movie is a Win

Cole Hauser (Yellowstone) stars as the former Olympic wrestler, John Wright? Yes, please! John is a man who has made terrible mistakes. Are you like John or do you know someone like him? The star athlete who got kicked out of the game? The friend who made a terrible decision and regrets it? Or maybe just someone who is his or her own worst enemy? We can all relate.

John finally moves past his mistakes and conquers his demons -- on and off the mat. This movie has it all for wrestling fans. From realistic wrestling scenes to a cameo from the Olympic gold medalist, Dan Gable! You will be on the edge of your seat in the final Championship match!

Celebration of Small Town Community: The Power of Forgiveness and second Chances

The Last Champion illustrates the importance of community. Set in a small town in America's Heartland (Garfield, WA), it tackles real world problems like poverty, addiction, and bullying; you will see characters put their selfishness away as goodwill to others prevails. Second chances are possible. The Last Champion inspires viewers to forgive others--and to forgive themselves.