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Bible Study Lessons for Teens : It starts at home

Does your teenager read their Bible on a daily basis? Weekly basis? Or even at all? Most teenagers have never picked up a Bible much less taken the time to read one. In fact, only 1 in every 5 Christian teenagers reads their Bible on a regular basis.

We, as parents, must not expect the church to do all the work. First, we must teach youths to love their God–starting in the home. Only then can the church begin its work of reinforcing these  teachings. 

Does your teenager see you read your Bible on a regular basis? You can’t expect them to do what you don’t do. If you try to make a youth do something that you aren’t willing to do yourself, you’re going to have a rebellious teenager on your hands–and worse the teen will start to think you are a hypocrite. So we must model good practices for them. Once they see your passion for God and reading the Bible, they will be more willing to try it themselves.

Set a Good Example from Childhood

Children often grow up to imitate what they see their parents do. You need to be an example that you would be proud for them to follow, just as our Father is proud when His children follow His example.

A good way to start these good habits is to read the Bible to them when they are little. When they are old enough, take turns reading the Bible to each other. As they become teens, it won’t be as hard to keep them interested in their relationship with God and reading the Bible. Don’t fret if you are a New Christian or just starting to read the Bible yourself!  It is never too late to begin new habits.

Teens need a relationship with God

Getting a teenager interested in a teen Bible study can be like pulling teeth. They may sit with a Bible in front of them, they may even read it, but they will not learn anything. The passion and fire for Christ will never be there.

So, how do you change this?

Even if the teen has never read the Bible, change can begin today. Teenagers need to know that this is a relationship with God that they are entering into, and it is the most important relationship of their entire lives.

To create any successful relationship, it takes quality time– studying it, learning from it, showing love, and putting forth every effort to be an active part of that relationship. Only through effort will a special bond appear.

God is always there for them. He will always answer their prayers. But they need to learn that the answer will come in God’s time and that it might not be the answer they thought they would receive. It is our job to teach them that God’s ways and His plans for us are better than any plan we could have dreamed up for ourselves!

Make it Interesting

Put yourself in a teenager’s shoes. Simply reading the Bible can be boring and overwhelming as a kid, especially when you compare it to all the other things that their teenage friends are doing.

So how do we make it more fun?

Find an exciting teen Bible study age-appropriate for them. The Last Champion DVD and Youth Bible Study workbook are perfect Bible study lessons for teens. The Last Champion movie is engaging and entertaining. It even features a high school wrestling team. The story and Bible study revolves around the topic of forgiveness and redemption.  All of these elements can be a good segue to the accompanying Youth Bible Study.

Interact With Them

Teens feel encouraged when they have others to guide them. Sit with them when they are doing their teen Bible study workbook. Be there for them to ask questions and if you do not know the answer, be willing to help them do the research to find the answer to their question. Let them know that it is okay to come to you to talk about God, to ask questions that they don’t understand. Youths are curious by nature, but they lose their interest when they have no one that they can turn to. Be that mentor for them.

Give Personal Testimony

It’s difficult for a youth to believe that God can do all of the things that the Bible says He can. Tell your teenager or teen Bible study group of the miracles that God has worked in your life. Tell them of that one major experience that lit the fire and sparked the passion for you to learn more about God. Have family and friends come in and talk to them about what God has done in their lives.

Reward Them

What keeps a teenager playing video games? In the end, it’s the rewards they get when they reach certain levels. When they complete certain areas of their teen Bible study workbook, reward them. If it’s your teenager, take them out to dinner and let them choose the place. If it’s a youth group you’re leading, take them to the park, play football, have a picnic, play volleyball or basketball. Acknowledge their accomplishment.

Recognition & Praise

No matter what age kids are, they love recognition and praise from their parents or teen Bible study leader. You would be surprised how far praise goes in encouraging youth to keep moving forward and keep learning. Show them that you see their accomplishments. Be generous with your praise.

Baby Steps

Remember that teenagers are not going to be at your level in the passion for learning so don’t expect them to be. They have to take baby steps before they can run. Do not expect them to just jump into learning. Do not expect them to read their Bible daily when they’re just starting out. As their parent or teen Bible study leader, you need to let your passion for Christ show. They need to see that you “practice what you preach”.

How do we Encourage Teens?

Purchasing The Last Champion DVD and youth Bible Study Workbook is one of the best steps that you can take to help the teenager(s) in your life get on the right path to God. 

Read through the workbook and watch the DVD before giving it to them. Be ready to answer any question they may have about it. We believe this is the best “first step” that you can take.

You can also purchase one of the Last Champion DVDs and workbooks for yourself, they are available for all age groups. Engage them in what you are learning about in your workbook and encourage them to tell you about what they are studying in theirs.


Allow Them To Teach

As much as kids love praise from their parents or teen Bible study leaders, they also love being the one that others look up to. If you have younger children at home or a younger study group, allow your teen Bible study group to go in and talk to the younger group. Have the younger children write down any questions they may have about God and allow the teen Bible study group to help them search for the answers to their questions.

Be Someone’s Light

Teenagers enjoy it when they can see that what they are learning is doing some good. Take the youth to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter for a field trip. Let them serve the food and see how much good one person can do in someone else’s life. Show them that if they allow God to work through them, they can truly change the course of someone’s life.


The Last Champion DVD and Youth Bible study workbook can be used at home with your own teenager or in a teen Bible study group. We believe this is the perfect tool to get teenagers interested in reading their Bible on a regular basis and aiding them in having the passion for Christ.

It will teach them about an ongoing relationship with God and take them on a journey that leads directly to God and how to live a Christian life pleasing to our Father.
It won’t happen overnight, but with The Last Champion DVD and Youth Bible Study workbook, you will see a change in these teenagers. Purchase this bundle now to start a path to the Lord for your teen or youth Bible study group.

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Bible Study Lessons for Teens | The Last Champion

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